3 CMS Strategies and How to Get Started
3 CMS Strategies and How to Get Started

3 CMS Strategies and How to Get Started

Publishing is no longer the linear process it once was. Create, edit, produce, and publish to print is an obsolete workflow. Today, publishing organizations must consider print and digital along with the many configurations of each.

Publishing the core product is also just one component. Ancillary texts, content-based apps, online-first articles, and web content are just as important as core text.  The pressure to do more is felt across departments—publishing organizations need to get things done faster, simpler, while spending less. Proper content management is at the heart of this issue and the starting point to create and deliver content on time and on budget. To have a smooth workflow, content needs to be organized, structured, and managed properly.

Our report, “3  CMS Strategies and How to Get Started” introduces a few examples of how to reduce, reuse, and refine your publishing process. With examples from Nature Publishing Group, Human Kinetics, and SAGE Publications, Inc., you’ll learn how you can drive production efficiences by integrating content management into your dynamic publishing environment today.

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