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3D Animation and Video

Orbis Technologies creates engaging, responsive HTML5 multimedia solutions that add value to your technical documentation and training by providing flexible, content-rich user experiences to reach audiences on any device.

A strategic visual design approach that includes responsive HTML5 multimedia creates a platform for interactivity that extends from simply viewing documents to engaging in content-rich user experiences.

The value of responsive HTML5 multimedia design lies in its flexibility. Imagine being able to provide internal and external audiences with videos, animations, and interactive multimedia elements that adapt to any device technology, so they display consistently across PCs, tablets, and phones. With responsive design, you can show product features or demonstrate tasks with videos, simple animations, or engaging interactive multimedia experiences that reach audiences at work, home, or out and about without degrading quality or sacrificing content.

eLearning Example – This sample is just a small preview of an eLearning course Orbis developed. We can add interactive content blocks, from Tab Groups to Process Flows to Knowledge Checks and Quizzes, to help make your training more engaging and effective.

Product Overview with Professional Voiceover Example — The right voice conveys authority, reinforces visual content without pulling focus from it, and captures viewer interest more than lines of text. This sample shows how even minimal narration can help keep your audience focused on what they need to know about a product or service.

Installation Procedure Example – We can take an installation manual and turn it into a series of instructional videos that cater to today’s short attention spans and help viewers follow physical procedures. This sample is a short clip from an installation video that demonstrates how showing the steps in a process is simpler and easier to understand than text-heavy instructions, even with images.

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