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Technical Writing & Documentation Case Studies

Case Studies

Why take our word for it? We have many different technical writing and documentation case studies showing how we have effectively solved our clients’ business needs and often while reducing unit costs. Find out some of the clients we work with.

Consulting Services: Software Company

The first step was for InfoPros to do an analysis—learning the platform, understanding the environment, and identifying the needs of the user groups. Based on this analysis, the InfoPros team developed a roadmap for the company that addressed key areas for improvement in their documentation and training development.

Software Documentation and Training Case Study

Consulting Services: Critigen

Critigen was using two-week sprint cycles to drive Agile development. The software platform was in a state of ongoing improvement, so InfoPros knew that keeping the documentation up to date meant keeping pace with the software development team. InfoPros established the documentation effort as an integral part of the software development life cycle.

Critigen Case Study

Consulting Services: Hill-Rom

Hill-Rom needed a solution that would help them efficiently create, maintain, and manage all of their technical documentation without the cost and effort associated with implementing a new content management platform.

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Consulting Services: ITT Fluid Technology

ITT sought to develop a single source of information available globally in a reusable format, governed by common processes, tools, and controls for multiple publication outputs to multiple channels.

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Consulting Services: Kohler

Kohler was implementing a content management system which required thousands of documents to be converted to XML for use online, in PDF format, and in multiple languages. Kohler required a partner to assist in the implementation of this system and maintenance of the documents thereafter.

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Consulting Services: Life Sciences Company

A large US-based Life Sciences company contacted InfoPros about consolidating its long and complex manuals into quick reference documents for its products. The company wanted to make the documents more appealing and more informative for end-users, mainly medical lab technicians and researchers. It also wanted the documents to act as a marketing tool for the medical research community.

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Consulting Services: Public Utility Company

A large public utility that provides electricity and gas to millions of mid-western residential and business customers was looking for a better solution for managing, reviewing, and updating thousands of pages of Standards information and graphics. Employees were using a combination of outdated authoring tools and large PDFs to maintain and distribute information that, in some cases, was decades old.

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Training Development: California Department of Transportation

The training had to be comprehensive, covering all aspects of using the project management application, hold the interest of the target audience, and be accessible 24 hours a day.

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Training Development: California OSHPD

California (OSHPD) needed an online training course for a new online application that would track medical data from hundreds of statewide health care facilities and their designated agents.

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Training Development: Hill-Rom

Hill-Rom’s challenge was to provide rapid, easy to use training and materials prior to launch of a much more robust system without adding to the burden of busy nurses and installers.

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Training Development: Kodiak

Kodiak realized that they required a partner that could take the lead in developing a comprehensive training program that covered all aspects of their business, everything from company culture and technical training to training for new supervisors.

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Training Development: Major Industrial Machinery Manufacturer

As experienced employees retired, the company lost tribal knowledge. This in turn caused a large skills gap between generations of employees. The importance of extracting and documenting this knowledge became a business imperative.

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Training Development: University of California, Davis

UCD needed a training program to develop local expertise among health professionals, lab scientists, major livestock producers, wildlife managers, and government leaders.

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Training Development: Waukesha Electric Systems

WES made the decision to implement a company-wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution from SAP. The new system impacted every aspect of their business from Manufacturing and Engineering to Accounting and Sales.

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Training Development: Window World

New franchise owners need to quickly get their stores up and running and rely on the training for product information and to learn how the Window World process works.

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Outsourcing: Cisco

InfoPros has been supporting Cisco’s technical documentation needs for over ten years, working for a variety of departments. InfoPros manages and supports over 2,000 deliverables for Cisco on an annual basis, providing management reporting and ongoing recommendations for process improvements.

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Outsourcing: Cutsforth

InfoPros collaborated with Cutsforth engineers to identify the different kinds of information and the different types of documents required to support the needs of internal and external users. Then, InfoPros established a topic-based structure to chunk content by information types, such as procedures, reference information, and concept introductions.

Cutsforth Case Study

Outsourcing: The Home Depot

The Home Depot (THD) was looking for a partner to establish product documentation standards for its growing line of private label products and then, working with its suppliers, ensure compliance with these standards on an ongoing basis.

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Outsourcing: Lenovo

IT giant Lenovo faced several challenges in supporting its knowledge base for LanSchool, the company’s cloud-based classroom management solution. After a discovery phase which revealed insights on Lenovo’s operational challenges, they began implementing improvements that helped with their tools and processes, organization, and writing quality.

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Outsourcing: Parata

InfoPros recommended modifying the toolset and putting more focus on moving the Parata documentation online. InfoPros was also able to identify what documentation was critical to customers and support personnel and recommended more effort be placed on these documents, reducing the effort expended on less-critical documentation.

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Outsourcing: Tesco

Tesco’s goal was to put more focus on its core business and better align its costs with the needs of the business. The product documentation  workload varied widely, driven by the release of new products, and having the fixed cost of a full-time staff did not make sense.

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Project Management: TransUnion

TransUnion needed a partner to manage its business documentation, technical writing functions, and eLearning development.

TransUnion Case Study

Process Documentation: Bimbo Bakeries USA

BBU made the decision to find a partner to develop a professional user guide for a custom software application that will be used by all of their business units and national customers to do Trade Promotion Management (TPM).

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Process Documentation: Maxwell Technologies

Maxwell Technologies, an electrical components manufacturer, needed to document its factory floor processes to achieve two key objectives:
• Reduce the defect rate in its U.S. factory by having up-to-date documentation of its processes for use in training, and on the shop floor.
• Train workers for a new plant being built in China.

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Process Documentation: NCRB

As a result of growth, new technology, and that many employees had been at NCRB for over 20 years, the need for process and procedure documentation was viewed as mission-critical and a major challenge. NCRB required an organization-wide effort to capture and document the many processes and procedures that were used in their data center operations.

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Process Documentation: Wicomico County Board of Education

WCPS needed to clearly document its roles, functions, and responsibilities in order to effectively communicate both internally and externally what they are as an organization and the important services they provide.

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Product Documentation: ApoCell

ApoCell, Inc. is a leading contract research organization specializing in protein bio- marker detection and analysis of rare cells in blood and tissue specimens from clinical trial subjects. The documentation needed to represent the “how‐to‐build” and “how‐ to‐test” side of the technology, and to capture the theory and history behind it.

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Product Documentation: ASSA ABLOY

ASSA ABLOY found it difficult to develop catalogs for their product offerings. They did not have the resources and expertise to complete the catalogs in a timely and efficient manner. InfoPros quickly identified what how to improve the content as well as update the template to enhance the presentation.

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Product Documentation: Axon

Axon, a Pro Mach brand and leader in the worldwide packaging industry, provides packaging systems that are customized to meet the unique needs of each of its customers. Axon needed a more efficient way to create a custom Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual (IOM) based on the bill of materials for each customer order.

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Product Documentation: Guy Carpenter

Guy Carpenter reached out to InfoPros for assistance in creating documentation that reflected the company’s strong brand, and to explain the application in a clear and concise way.

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Product Documentation: Mirco Innovations

Micro Innovations Corp. is a leading importer and distributor of computer accessories and peripherals for laptops and desktops. Since it distributes a variety of products internationally, it required universal installation and reference manuals. The documentation needed to be clear, concise, and reliant on descriptive illustrations to reduce translation expense and provide step-by-step instructions for a diverse set of customers.

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Product Documentation: Motorola Mobility

Motorola Mobility is a global telecommunications leader developing products for both commercial and individual consumers. InfoPros has worked with Motorola’s Service Engineering group to provide technical documentation in support of their line of smartphones and other mobile devices.

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Product Documentation: Omron

Omron, a global leader in sensing and control technology, needed several catalogs merged into one. Omron turned to InfoPros to make the changes, update the format, and manage the project.

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Product Documentation: Payfone

Payfone’s primary software products utilize APIs to connect their customers to their software. Payfone required immediate support updating and maintaining their outdated API documentation as well as publishing timely software release notes.

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Product Documentation: Sicel

Sicel Technologies®, a leader in the development of systems and technologies specific to cancer therapy, was preparing to release DVS®, its Dose Verification System. In support of this release, Sicel needed FDA-approved documentation to guide both physicians and other radiation oncology professionals on the appropriate use of the product.

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Product Documentation: Ventana Medical Systems

Ventana needed assistance with its effort to standardize and update the labeling and formatting of thousands of package inserts. Ventana had over 4,000 package inserts in multiple languages that used multiple templates and had a very aggressive timeline to complete the project.

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Product Documentation: Vericept

Vericept required an inclusive documentation solution for corporate security administrators installing and maintaining their Vericept Edge™ software. The documentation needed to take what is inherently a very complex application and provide a step-by-step set of instructions, presented in a logical and concise way that allows administrators to install, configure, and deploy the application across the entire enterprise.

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Online Help: Pulse

Pulse is a leading manufacturer of home and hotel room automation systems used throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. As Pulse added features and enhancements to its products, thereby increasing their complexity, engineers developed a product installation document for each product. As Pulse succeeded in the marketplace, it began receiving a higher volume of technical support calls related to the installation and use of its products.

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Online Help: SCRIP-SAFE

SCRIP-SAFE produces an online application, eSCRIP-SAFE®, which provides electronic access for registrars and students of colleges and universities to request, track, and receive transcripts. SCRIP-SAFE updated its application and started to experience pain points with respect to an increase in the number of support calls relating to the same issues. SCRIP-SAFE decided to implement an online help system that would enable users to receive instant help for commonly asked questions.

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Online Help: Vericept

Vericept required an inclusive documentation solution for corporate security administrators installing and maintaining their Vericept Edge™ software. The documentation needed to take what is inherently a very complex application and provide a step-by-step set of instructions, presented in a logical and concise way that allows administrators to install, configure, and deploy the application across the entire enterprise.

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