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ApoCell Case Study

Documentation for Getting Beta-Stage Technology to Market



ApoCell, Inc. is a leading contract research organization specializing in protein bio- marker detection and analysis of rare cells in blood and tissue specimens from clinical trial subjects. ApoCell needed to move a beta-stage product in a university lab to the next stage of development.

The company was starting from scratch. Nothing was written to clearly define the product. Critical build and design information was either in someone’s head or in note form. ApoCell needed documentation and materials to present to design firms to get past the first step of their go-to-market strategy for the technology.

The documentation needed to represent the “how‐to‐build” and “how‐ to‐test” side of the technology, and to capture the theory and history behind it.


Orbis Technologies took a three-pronged approach to the solution.

Based on the structure of the product and future client needs, Orbis Technologies developed four documents to create a comprehensive documentation set – thus if one element needs to be updated it is done in all documents in which it is used. The documentation set included: Product Specifications, Chamber Specifications, Software Design, and Bill of Materials. This also provided ApoCell the platform to organize its documentation using best practices and industry standards.


Orbis Technologies took critical concepts stored in employees’ memories, on white boards, and scattered elsewhere, organized them and put them all down on paper. The resulting documentation provided a tremendous value to ApoCell by making the technology tangible for the market. The company can now provide licensees with the information needed to successfully build, test, and further develop the new technology. In addition, Orbis Technologies provided ApoCell with the foundation to build on for future documentation development.