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Axon Case Study

Driving Efficiencies with Single-Sourcing



Axon, a Pro Mach brand and leader in the worldwide packaging industry, provides packaging systems that are customized to meet the unique needs of each of its customers. Axon needed a more efficient way to create a custom Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual (IOM) based on the bill of materials for each customer order.

There were a number of goals related to optimizing this process:

Axon chose Orbis Technologies based upon the experience it had working with other mid-sized industrial companies and its ability to design and implement a solution, then provide onsite training to Axon personnel as well as any required ongoing support.

After analyzing Axon’s business needs and existing processes, Orbis Technologies’ Consulting Services group recommended an approach using a low-cost, off-the-shelf tool that provided most of the benefits associated with big-dollar documentation platforms. This approach minimized the upfront investment by Axon while providing the capabilities and cost savings that Axon sought.


Orbis Technologies Consulting Services implemented a ‘single-sourcing’ platform at Axon. Now, as new IOMs are created, all new content is tagged and added to a library of Axon content (e.g., procedures, warranty information, diagrams and digital photos). The content can easily be pulled into new or existing IOMs.

Specifically, Orbis Technologies:

Orbis Technologies developed a DITA/XML solution using Adobe FrameMaker. DITA/XML and FrameMaker allow Axon to ‘chunk’ their content into easily reusable components that can be quickly developed and efficiently assembled into a customized manual.

Mid-size industrial “companies have the same needs and requirements as many F500 companies, but can’t justify the six-figure investment required to implement custom content management system (CMS) platforms,” said Rob Vaglia, Orbis Technologies VP, Consulting Services. “Our job is to figure out how to get 80% of the benefit associated with implementing a CMS but with one-tenth of the budget.”