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Critigen is an information technology services company that developed a software platform to help companies integrate geographic mapping data with other business software applications, such as asset management, work management, field data collection, and other applications that leverage location information.

Critigen knew they faced three key documentation challenges that they expected to be addressed by a robust solution:


The team at Orbis Technologies began by performing an analysis to gain a better understanding of Critigen’s software platform, the software development environment, and the needs of those using the software. The analysis findings were critical to developing an effective documentation solution that would meet Critigen’s needs.

A key factor was that Critigen was using two-week sprint cycles to drive Agile development. The software platform was in a state of ongoing improvement, so Orbis Technologies knew that keeping the documentation up to date meant keeping pace with the software development team. Orbis Technologies established the documentation effort as an integral part of the software development life cycle. This approach immersed Orbis Technologies into the development environment and fostered a stronger partnership between the two groups.

By doing the analysis, Orbis Technologies identified three main types of information that needed to be addressed by the documentation.

To support content development, Orbis Technologies implemented several documentation tools. These tools complemented Critigen’s software development publishing framework, meaning that documentation builds could be stored and packaged with Critigen’s existing software publishing tools.

A key factor in making the Critigen-Orbis Technologies partnership a success was the level of integration between the Critigen stakeholders and the Orbis Technologies project team, which was comprised of a project manager, solutions architect, technical writer, editor, and technical illustrator. The Orbis Technologies team members were brought into the project as needed, in order to keep each deliverable on schedule and on budget. With this approach, Critigen did not have to worry about staffing needs to meet peaks and lulls in their software development life cycle. Plus, Critigen was able to take advantage of expertise about documentation approaches, tools, and techniques from the Orbis Technologies team—skills and experience that would be hard for them to replicate internally.


Critigen saw real results in a very short time:

Working with Orbis Technologies meant that Critigen could focus on building its software without worrying about documentation.