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eLearning for a New Generation of Employees

Jacam Catalyst


Jacam Catalyst, a subsidiary of CES Energy Solutions, was formed from the recent merger of Jacam and Catalyst. The new company is the oilfield chemical industry’s leading manufacturer and service provider. Headquartered in both Kansas and Texas, with over 50 locations throughout the U.S., Jacam Catalyst’s decentralized business model is key to their providing innovative solutions to local problems.


Jacam Catalyst’s decentralization bred challenges relating to the training needs of their roughly 800 employees. The company was reliant on instructor-led training (ILT), often conducted by its most experienced field technicians who are the company’s subject matter experts (SMEs). This training methodology had the following issues:


Jacam Catalyst turned to Orbis Technologies to reorganize, streamline, and transform its existing training system and resources into an asynchronous, on-demand model. Based on our assessment, their needs were a perfect fit for an eLearning solution.

Initially engaged to develop a set of seven eLearning courses, the Orbis project team began by reviewing a set of existing PowerPoint and Word files used in and beyond training, conducting industry research, and augmenting our understanding via focused interviews with the SMEs. Orbis conducted the following analyses which were used to design the curriculum and develop a comprehensive blueprint and storyboard for each course:

The storyboards detail the information to be conveyed in each course, including audio scripts and various elements to aid in comprehension and retention, such as interactivity and knowledge checks. Orbis also created a template to use for all of the courses in order to tie them together visually under the Jacam Catalyst brand, and to include functionality such as the ability for learners to upload video clips of themselves performing tasks for their supervisors’ review. Based on Jacam Catalyst’s storyboard feedback, Orbis prepared the initial set of eLearning modules.

In addition to the courses themselves, Orbis consulted with Jacam Catalyst on the selection and implementation of a learning management system (LMS) to ensure effective delivery and results tracking in order to assess the success of the curriculum.


Jacam Catalyst has expanded the curriculum that Orbis is developing from the initial seven to 55 eLearning modules. As Orbis has learned more about Jacam Catalyst’s specific subject matter, the time required of the Jacam Catalyst SMEs to provide source material and review the storyboards has decreased. Jacam Catalyst management has been pleased that the stakeholders are now able to monitor employees’ completion of the courses and grasp of the subject matter. The standardized content in the eLearning also has helped the integration of the Jacam and Catalyst workforces.

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