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Kohler Case Study

XML Migration



Kohler was implementing a content management (CMS) system which required thousands of documents to be converted to XML for use online, in PDF format, and in multiple languages.

Kohler required a partner to assist in the implementation of this system and maintenance of the documents thereafter.


Orbis Technologies consulted in the early development stages to assist in the decisions relating to system architecture and the establishment of XML topics. Project managers, writers and illustrators created master documents, analyzed and updated the style guides and refined the multi-language publishing process.

Orbis Technologies achieved continuity and consistency during the migration process by implementing a clearly defined, standard process for both the Orbis Technologies and Kohler teams to follow. The process also decreased the learning curve for new members joining the migration team.

Throughout the project life cycle, Orbis Technologies played an integral role by streamlining processes of publishing content from the Content Management System (CMS) to the web, training new members on the processes and standards, and ensuring that each document was produced using the new Kohler standards.


The XML migration met the business objectives of converting thousands of documents to XML for use within the new content management system. From planning to implementation, Orbis Technologies worked directly with Kohler on each step of the process. After the migration, Orbis Technologies continued its effort to maintain and update Kohler’s documentation.

The Orbis Technologies team has worked with Kohler for many years on a variety of projects. Our employees have been able to meet the fluctuating demands of Kohler’s documentation needs. Project managers, technical writers, and illustrators were available to Kohler as needed to update existing literature or illustrations or to fully manage the process of creating new product documentation within XML.

When properly implemented, XML provides an excellent path to automating the publishing process, achieving a leap forward to produce and maintain volumes of high quality information at a fraction of the typical costs. Orbis Technologies can work with you on deciding if an XML solution will meet your goals and objectives.