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Knowledge Base Structure and Process for Improved Usability and Reduced Support Costs

Knowledge Base Structure and Process for Improved Usability and Reduced Support Costs



IT giant Lenovo faced several challenges in supporting its knowledge base for LanSchool, the company’s cloud-based classroom management solution. Designed as a critical resource for its user community, the knowledge base needed significant improvement, as users were not able to easily find the content they were looking for and, when they did, it could be difficult to understand. The issues included:

While there was a significant amount of useful content in the knowledge base, Lenovo knew it was imperative to address these issues so that users could derive more value from LanSchool, and Lenovo could reduce its internal support costs.


Orbis Technologies began the engagement with a discovery phase that gave us insights into the Lenovo team’s operational challenges, as well as an understanding of how and why end-users were using the knowledge base. Orbis mapped out the current processes supporting the knowledge base, such as who could post articles and which subject matter experts needed to review content. With this baseline established, Orbis then began implementing improvements in three major areas:


The enhancements to the LanSchool knowledge base were well received internally and, based on the increased use by end-users, externally as well. In fact, based on this success, Lenovo has replicated the knowledge base structure and processes Orbis introduced to support another product line. Orbis was also engaged to provide ongoing support for the knowledge base, allowing us to become an integrated part of the LanSchool product support team.

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