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Life Sciences Company Case Study

Interactive Data Sheet Design and Development

Life Sciences Company

Business Need

A large US-based Life Sciences Company contacted Orbis Technologies about consolidating its long and complex manuals into a quick reference document for its products. The Company wanted to make the documents more appealing and more informative for end-users, mainly medical lab technicians and researchers. It also wanted the documents to act as a marketing tool for the medical research community, creating interest in and adoption of the company’s broad line of medical protocols.


From a marketing perspective, the client wanted a clean design that would be easy to use by a wide variety of audiences in the medical research industry. However, due to the complex nature of the product, it was important to convey a large amount of technical information. How to combine these two goals and produce one clean, easy-to-use document was a challenge the company looked to Orbis Technologies to solve.


After carefully considering the needs of the company and its target audience and studying the product, Orbis Technologies proposed the creation of interactive PDF data sheets that would provide users with layers of information. This approach gives the data sheets a clean look and feel while providing additional information that the users can access through the use of pop-up dialog boxes that contain topic-specific content. Orbis Technologies then created a family of templates for the different protocols that facilitated cost-effective development of hundreds of data sheets. The data sheets were designed in a way that allowed them to be pushed to multiple platforms, such as the company’s website, smartphones and tablets for easier access and better marketability.


To validate this new approach to providing its customers with complex product information and prior to expanding the adoption of these data sheets across more of its product line, the client surveyed its users’ satisfaction. Results showed end-user satisfaction for the new protocols was up more than 25%.

Furthermore, 79% of customers surveyed said they would be willing to buy the product based on the data sheet, and 80% of users surveyed said they would recommend the product to a friend after viewing the data sheet.