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NCRB Case Study

IT Data Center Process and Procedures



The North Carolina Rate Bureau (NCRB) provides resources for the insurance industry of North Carolina. As a result of growth, new technology, and that many employees had been at NCRB for over 20 years, the need for process and procedure documentation was viewed as mission-critical and a major challenge. NCRB required an organization-wide effort to capture and document the many processes and procedures that were used in their data center operations.


Orbis Technologies partnered with Pro-Active Management, a business consulting company, and worked with NCRB managers to identify business-impacting processes and develop a hierarchy of the processes that could be used to establish a work plan.

Orbis Technologies worked with process owners from all levels of the organization to identify processes and procedures to document, assess current documentation, if any, and determine the most effective type of documentation for a given process or procedure. During this phase, the team was also able to identify processes that were no longer applicable.

By handling all aspects of this project and only being onsite at NCRB as needed, Orbis Technologies was able to minimize time required of NCRB personnel and any impact on their day-to-day operations.


Orbis Technologies produced documentation that ranged from high-level process documents, to in-depth step-by-step procedures for the critical processes within NCRB’s data center operations.

When seeking to develop process and procedure documentation it is important to consider the following elements:

For NCRB, the documentation was simple, straightforward, and aligned with the data center operations standards. From manufacturing and data centers, to process workflows and service center operations, Orbis Technologies can work with you to develop process and procedure documentation that will meet your goals and objectives.