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Developing an Enterprise Content Strategy

Public Utility


A large public utility that provides electricity and gas to millions of mid-western residential and business customers was looking for a better solution for managing, reviewing and updating thousands of pages of Standards information and graphics. Employees were using a combination of outdated authoring tools and large PDFs to maintain and distribute information that, in some cases, was decades old.

There were a number of issues with the documents and processes:

After interviewing several technical documentation firms, this utility decided to engage Orbis Technologies’ Consulting Services team to analyze the current environment and recommend a plan of action.


Orbis Consulting Services used a five-prong approach to understanding the utility’s goals and environment:

Orbis Consulting Services performed the analyses by reviewing all of the existing content and supporting process documentation while interviewing those who were updating and maintaining the content. Consulting Services then compared its findings with known best practices for large, frequently updated documentation sets.


At the conclusion of the project, Consulting Services delivered a Recommendations Report that included the following:

The report provided the Standards team with the technical details and return-on-investment figures to present to their upper management for implementing changes to their documentation processes and tools.

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