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SCRIP-SAFE® provides paper and electronic transcripts, diplomas, secured corporate papers, and desktop diploma software for over 1,800 national and international corporations, colleges, and universities.

SCRIP-SAFE produces an online application, eSCRIP-SAFE®, which provides electronic access for registrars and students of colleges and universities to request, track, and receive transcripts. Recently, SCRIP-SAFE updated its application and started to experience pain points with respect to an increase in the number of support calls relating to the same issues. SCRIP-SAFE decided to implement an online help system that would enable users to receive instant help for commonly asked questions and would be:


To determine the best approach, Orbis Technologies worked with SCRIP-SAFE to understand the target audience and overarching objectives for the online help. Orbis Technologies also evaluated eSCRIP-SAFE and identified the topics that needed to be documented.

Orbis Technologies recommended page-level help for the eSCRIP-SAFE application. Page-level topics are used to describe the purpose of the page as well as the fields (tasks) on the page. This type of help is a more cost-effective solution and a better fit for very straightforward applications.

Orbis Technologies identified the topics that needed to be developed and then created the content for each topic. SCRIP-SAFE’s branding requirements were to create a customized look and feel similar to the current online application. Orbis Technologies also created a series of map IDs which can be used by SCRIP-SAFE developers to link from the page in the application to each topic.


Orbis Technologies created a customized online help solution that covers eSCRIP-SAFE’s tasks and functions. The page-level help is written for audiences of all levels, thus ensuring that anyone who uses the application will find the information straight-forward and easy to use.

The online help also includes a set of navigational features to provide enhanced ease-of-use. These features include an expandable table of contents, hyperlinked cross references, full text search, index, and glossary. SCRIP-SAFE is now able to provide its customers with “just-in-time” information, giving an immediate answer to a question about a specific window, dialog, or field.

Whether you have a simple online application or a complex software package, Orbis Technologies can work with you to create a customized online help solution to meet your customers’ needs.

A cost-effective online help solution, providing “just-in-time” information to customers.