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Tesco Case Study

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In 2010, Tesco, a global leader in the design, manufacture and service of technology-based drilling solutions for the energy industry, made the decision to find a partner to develop and maintain their service manuals and parts catalogs for the large, complex machinery used on drilling rigs around the world.

Tesco’s goal was to put more focus on its core business and better align its costs with the needs of the business. The product documentation workload varied widely, driven by the release of new products, and having the fixed cost of a full-time staff did not make sense.

The selected partner needed to have in-depth experience with large-scale industrial products, and the resources and flexibility to be able to quickly ramp up or down, working closely with Tesco’s engineers during the assembly/disassembly process. Steps in the process typically occurred with little notice, taking place in one of Tesco’s U.S. or Canadian facilities.


Having worked with companies like CNH, Komatsu, and Manitowoc Crane, Orbis Technologies brought the industrial experience that Tesco was looking for. Orbis Technologies assigned Tesco a project team comprised of technical writers, illustrators and editors, all under the direction of an Orbis Technologies project manager. The team quickly became conversant with the Tesco document library and lexicon.

Now, when Tesco is launching a new product, the required team members go onsite to the Tesco facility where the assembly/ disassembly will take place. They work alongside the Tesco engineers to document the process and gather all of the relevant operations and service information, creating a digital record of the entire process. The team then works with the Tesco engineers using a two-draft process to finalize the service manuals and parts catalogues to quickly get them into the field.

Orbis Technologies also supports Tesco’s third-party service business, where Tesco services and maintains drilling-related products manufactured by other companies. Similar to its manufactured products, Tesco requires comprehensive service manuals for each of the products that they service and support. They rely upon Orbis Technologies to develop and maintain these service manuals and parts catalogs.


Orbis Technologies has been working with Tesco since 2010. To support the growing volume of Tesco projects, Orbis Technologies opened a Houston office which allows the Tesco project team to be onsite at Tesco’s largest facility with little advance notice.

Orbis Technologies also recently added a courseware developer to the project team and began developing instructor-led training for Tesco, leveraging the product knowledge it has gained over the years.

The Tesco/Orbis Technologies partnership allows Tesco to focus on delivering solutions to the oil and gas industry, relying upon Orbis Technologies to do what it does best: supporting its Clients’ documentation and courseware needs.

Orbis Technologies provides Tesco the ongoing benefits of a dedicated documentation team without the fixed cost associated with hiring a full-time staff. Orbis Technologies helped Tesco achieve the goals it set in 2010 and those goals remain just as relevant today.