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Improving Customer Experience with Ongoing Documentation Support

Improving Customer Experience with Ongoing Documentation Support



TMEIC is an international industrial automation company with a comprehensive portfolio of systems for a wide range of applications.

With hundreds of user manuals, TMEIC was struggling to deliver consistent, user-friendly documentation to its customers. Much of the documentation was outdated and did not match the caliber of quality products TMEIC was selling.

Documentation was written by various engineers when time permitted; as a result, the voice, formatting, and delivery of the documentation was very inconsistent. Additionally, the information in the user manuals was too complex and did not provide clear direction for the average user.

To compound the challenge further, all the documentation was stored on local drives. Finding previously written documentation was difficult and time-consuming for the engineers.

To deliver consistent documentation that would be easy to use and maintain, TMEIC needed a partner with the capacity and expertise required to manage large amounts of documentation, ensure consistency, and improve the development process.


TMEIC chose Orbis Technologies because of the team’s experience working with enormous amounts of content, success with process development and improvement, and a proven track record of managed services.

To manage TMEIC’s vast documentation needs and develop a system to prioritize and manage the demand, Orbis assigned a dedicated team consisting of a Project Manager, a Solution Architect, and a Technical Writer to provide ongoing support. The team implemented proper tools and processes to ensure consistency and easy maintenance, including:


Orbis delivered a total solution for TMEIC that has been very effective in solving TMEIC’s challenges and meeting the desired goal. Ongoing efforts continue to deliver consistency and quality documentation across a growing number of departments. Key results include:

Most importantly, TMEIC is now confident they will continue to provide their customers with documentation that is of the same caliber as their products.