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Project Management

TransUnion Case Study

Project Management: Communication



TransUnion® needed a partner to manage its business documentation, technical writing functions, and eLearning development. Orbis Technologies currently has a project team that includes a Program Director, Project Leads, Writers, Illustrators and Online Help Developers. The Program Director, in addition to managing the Orbis Technologies team, performs a quarterly analysis of unit costs, budgets, and program improvements. TransUnion’s key drivers were unit cost reductions as well as flexibility to support fluctuations in workload:


Orbis Technologies supports an average of 100 active TransUnion projects that are budgeted, tracked and communicated via its ticketing system on a weekly basis. Deliverables are for a variety of audiences, both internal and external to the organization. In 2012 Orbis Technologies completed 680 projects, 1560 in 2013.

Project Types

Orbis Technologies supports over 15 types of projects and has a team with a variety of skills to meet TransUnion’s needs based upon demand and/or fluctuations in the workflow and type. Projects include:


Orbis Technologies initially worked with TransUnion to understand its business objectives and key performance indicators to determine the best method for tracking, reporting, and maintain- ing communication with stakeholders as well as internal customers. Daily communication takes place with various stakeholders throughout the organization: Subject Matter Experts, Software Developers, Business Owners, Directors, Business Analysts and Project Managers. This communication, along with detailed reporting, provides TransUnion visibility into the status of its projects and allows Orbis Technologies to analyze results. Orbis Technologies works on projects across the organization, in over 20 Business Units:


TransUnion’s environment is challenging: priorities can shift on a daily basis. Orbis Technologies has the flexibility, perspective, expertise, and tools to adapt to the shifts while making objective recommendations according to TransUnion’s goals. We continue to: