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Ventana Medical Systems Case Study

Document Rebranding and Conversion

Ventana Mecidal Systems


Ventana Medical Systems, Inc., is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of medical diagnostic systems, providing leading-edge automation technology for use in slide-based diagnosis of cancer and infectious disease.

Ventana needed assistance with its effort to standardize and update the labeling and formatting of thousands of package inserts. Ventana had over 4,000 package inserts in multiple languages that used multiple templates and had a very aggressive timeline to complete the project. While Ventana had the internal resources to manage the updates, they turned to Orbis Technologies to handle all tasks associated with standardizing the package inserts.


Key to this project were process and project management. The Orbis Technologies project manager worked with Ventana personnel to develop a detailed plan outlining project objectives and expectations, a quality assurance process, team member responsibilities, and deliverable deadlines. For example, morning meetings were held for the Orbis Technologies team to address what was completed during the prior day, goals for that day, and issues that needed to be addressed. Most issues were resolved by the Orbis Technologies team with the Orbis Technologies project manager communicating with Ventana personnel on any issues that required their involvement.

While not all projects necessitate this level of detail or type of communication, in the case of this project, and due to the volume of work to be done in a short timeframe, such detail was critical.

Kicking off the project, Orbis Technologies implemented a tracking system to manage all of the files – again, over 4,000 – that were involved in the project, which allowed for a coordinated team effort and ability to meet weekly deadlines.

A small team was assembled to convert and review the documents. During the initial conversion, Orbis Technologies identified and fixed the formatting issues within each of the multiple templates to ensure that all style elements were being properly applied. Then, the package inserts were migrated into the appropriate template ensuring the data transferred and the styles were applied correctly. The reviewers provided quality control assuring the consistency and accuracy of the conversion process. Each week, Orbis Technologies delivered batches of files to Ventana.


Orbis Technologies delivered consistency and quality by implementing a well-defined process to manage, track, and convert a high volume of documents in a very compressed timeframe. During the project life cycle, Ventana’s resources were able to focus on other priorities and rely on Orbis Technologies as an extension of their department. Ventana has continued to work with Orbis Technologies on other projects.