Cloud Text Analytics®

Allowing users to search, discover, and rapidly connect artifacts across large data sets

CTA is a highly scalable and extremely accurate text analytics platform extensible to almost any domain. It’s grounded in natural language processing (NLP) and incorporates advanced distributed processing techniques.

CTA analytics are accessible through its application programming interface (API), which enables clients to rapidly develop custom applications for text-analytics . Users search, view, and analyze their corpus using the CTA dashboard.

Semantic search is the heart of the CTA experience. Users can search data, named entities, relationships, and semantic concepts to produce a result collection of artifacts that reveal information at a glance:

  • Time and data associated with the artifact creation
  • Important relationships between search targets and other entities in the search domain
  • Samples of text or image data from within the artifact
  • Visual representation of the amount of original content found in the document.




Entity Graph (CTA).png

Orbis CTA automatically generates correlated graphs based on automatically extracted entities and relationships from documents.



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Icon 1 Machine learning

Identifies and extracts named entities and hidden semantic relationships

Icon 2.png Algorithms

Correlates artifacts based on content

Icon 3 Beyond entity extraction

Provides core document services, Big Data analytics, search services, and an end-user dashboard app

Icon 4 Externally supported 

Can be supported with a software utility licensed as part of CTA

Icon 5 Artifact discovery

Exposes relevant artifacts related to the search term, even if the search term is not the artifact

Icon 6 Seamless integration

Can be configured for a new client environment in a few days using CTA utilities