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Data Integration & Mediation

Designed to rapidly integrate disparate data sources through the mediation of multiple data models and ontologies

DataARCH® uses an open standards-based infrastructure to provide a faster and less expensive approach to data integration. Our approach fuses and integrates disparate data sources through data federation by creating alignments between disparate data models or ontologies. DataARCH® offers substantial cost advantages to traditional ETL approaches of data integration and fusion, and provides a suitable technology for Hadoop-based cloud-scale fusion and integration.

  • Enable rapid integration of cloud and non-cloud data sources (i.e. Hadoop-based data with non-Hadoop data), RDBMS, and REST-based services
  • Allow for incremental standards-based vocabulary harmonization versus large slow-moving data working groups
  • Store and retrieve ontologies, vocabulary mappings, federation information, and associated pedigree metadata through the DataARCH® registry
  • Provide publishing capability to expose unified data as a new data source
  • Import, updated and create ontology reference models via the Web Ontology Language (OWL) industry standard format
  • Provide a GUI to browse mappings and ontologies and create mappings between ontologies in the system


Ontology Mapping


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DataARCH® allows end users to mediate between two databases to enable federated enterprise queries

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Icon 1 Data Governance

Working with multiple data models, offering easy governance of both models and model alignments

Icon 2 Data Access and Security 

Inherits the security policies of the underlying storage. Also offers an effortless way to add application level security and access policies

Icon 3 Semantics

Offers a web-enabled layer on the underlying big data storage, implementing open semantic standards such as OWL and RDF

 Icon 4 Schema Mappings   

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards-based ontologies that integrate and align multiple complex data schemas possessing hierarchical and logical relationships


Icon 5.png Data Duplication

DataARCH® keeps data in its native format to avoid problems that can drive up data center operational costs

Icon 6 Interoperability

Confromance with open industry standards to lower costs of managing and integrating enterprise data sources