eBook sales half full? Latest stats on US ebook sales
eBook sales half full? Latest stats on US ebook sales

eBook sales half full? Latest stats on US ebook sales

eBook sales half full? Latest stats on US ebook sales

According to Mediabistro, September 2010 ebook sales were reported to be around $40M. This year, September sales are reported to be $80.3M.

Now the optimist in me is thrilled to see +100.9% growth in the ebook market.

The pessimist is bummed that September represents a 10% drop from August 2011 ebook sales of $89M.

The realist is reserving judgment and waiting to compare numbers after December 2011 sales have been tallied.

The capitalist is concerned that overall tradebook sales have declined -6.45% since 2010.

The nihilist wonders what do books, sales, and half-full glasses even matter.

And The Dude says, “Hey, nice marmot!”

What’s your view on the latest sales metrics?

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Robert Weisser

December 2, 2011 1:25:14 AM GMT+02:00

Given the current economic climate, I don’t get too excited one way or another about month-to-month comparisons. (You could also attribute some of the drop in volume in September from August to people not buying any more vacation books. Who knows?) The year over year numbers are more important, as they point to trends. You are absolutely right to wait for the holiday sales figures and to take the year as an aggregate.  

The other aspect is to find out what is causing any increase or decrease in sales totals: Is it fewer units or lower prices? Did Amazon and other ebook outlets run a lot of $2.99 specials? Are other marketing strategies being tested? There’s still a lot of analysis that has to go on before you can give a thumbs up or down to the numbers.

Richard Carle

December 2, 2011 3:09:31 PM GMT+02:00

My personal book buying experience in 2011: 1 paperback book, 9 kindle books. I used to buy 20 books a year, pre-kindle. Am I typical?

Michael Zeoli

December 2, 2011 3:46:57 PM GMT+02:00

The trends are clear and may demand that some of our inner voices be medicated :-). Mr. Weisser makes a good point in underlining the importance of including *units*. Pricing models are in flux and eContent pricing is diverging from print. Business models are struggling to keep pace with technolgical development (but the world has been here before). My inner optimist says ‘this is the greatest time since Aldo Manuzio drank grappa to be in the book business’. My inner pessimist says ‘you should have become a dentist instead’ – or is that the nihilist?

Marianne Calilhanna

December 2, 2011 4:20:23 PM GMT+02:00

@Weisser – Great points and I absolutely agree that we should continue this conversation when 2011 metrics are in.  

@Carle – I try not to use words like “typical” anymore. Shifting paradigms, new normals, etc. I will say your book buying habits are in sync with mine. 

@Zeoli – exciting, indeed And no, I think it’s the sadist. 

Robert Weisser

December 2, 2011 5:06:55 PM GMT+02:00

@Zeoli – I understand that now is a good time to go to dental school. 🙂 

Although almost all of my work is for publishers, I’m super interested in how easy it is to create ebooks for almost anyone. I love the idea that this is a great time to be in publishing, because the concept of “publishing” is expanding so rapidly.

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