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What’s the most significant trend affecting Government Agencies today? The modernization of processes and services. With the challenge of having to manage and publish even more information and data quickly old, outdated systems are falling short. The need for a low-risk, secure, and automated content and file management system is needed now more than ever.

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Orbis’ CCMS can be customized to fit your file management needs. Features include on-premise hosting, single-source sign-on, file governance, redaction, data exploitation, and automated workflows. Together these capabilities result in improved accuracy and faster print to publish workflows that both secure and publish your mission-critical content.  

Our CCMS integrates with map-based, social network, and business intelligence exploitation tools to produce reports. Within the same CCMS, you can create rules/templates to redact data and metadata automatically. With role-based access controls, you can also govern who can access certain content.

With the power of automated workflows, assigning and tracking tasks will improve your team’s accuracy. Users of our CCMS experience fewer errors and faster print to publish times, ensuring that your time-sensitive documents are always in the right place and delivered on time.

Integration is easy with our CCMS platform. Authorized Orbis IT experts will customize a low-risk integration plan with your agency to ensure that everything runs smoothly and remains secure.

Sample Publications Include:

  • Manuals
  • Legal Reports
  • Defense Reports
  • Legal Publications
  • Catalogs
  • Training Manuals
  • Service Bulletins
Content Exploitation- RSuite Data Fusion
RSuite Data Fusion

Our Recommendation

Government agencies utilize RSuite Data Fusion for its customization, security, scalability, and data exploitation capabilities. It is our most secure platform and can be customized to fit your agency’s specific needs and adapt to changing markets. Whether your organization publishes technical documents, training manuals, catalogs, or books, RSuite Data Fusion will transform your workflows for optimal content management and multi-channel publishing.

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