Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Insurance

Connecting Workflows for Globally Dispersed Teams

As health insurance organizations look for ways to optimize their services and systems, there is an increased focus to digitize workflows and centralize content. Policy experts need multi-tenancy systems to keep track of multiple business segments, orchestrating batch workflows, and fluctuating data for secure, compliant, and efficient file management.

Orbis’ CCMS offers numerous customization options to best fit your file management needs. Our software transforms your loosely-coupled content into a manageable all-in-one platform to efficiently store, create, manage, and publish content.

Sample Medical Publications Include:

  • Health Insurance Plans
  • Medical Journals
  • Research Papers
  • Policies
  • Brochures
  • Medicine Research Trials
  • Hospital Records

Our CCMS easily integrates into an existing system and is customizable. Choose from several industry-standard APIs to transform your team’s collaboration capabilities. Our CCMS quickly ingests files, so you will always have quick access to your information all in one place.

Our CCMS can support teams of all sizes, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. With features such as single sign-on, role-based access controls, and automated workflows, collaboration is easy for remote teams.

Keep the information for HIPAA and eCTD compliance right at your fingertips by storing it in our CCMS. Through role-based access controls and workflow governance, you can quickly reinforce compliance and protect private information based on the user’s role.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software- RSuite Enterprise
RSuite Enterprise

Our Recommendation

Leaders in the Healthcare industry utilize RSuite Enterprise for its customization and scalability benefits. RSuite Enterprise can be modified to fit your company’s specific needs and adapt to changing markets. Whether your organization publishes technical documents, training manuals, catalogs, or books, RSuite Enterprise will transform your workflows for optimal content reuse and multi-channel publishing.

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