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We want your content to be effective for your business needs. We have complied useful information and best practices to pull from when you start working on your technical content or engage a technical content partner.

Working with Your Subject Matter Experts

InfoPros understands the importance of keeping your engineers and senior operations personnel focused on their core competencies. In the immortal words of Ben Franklin, “time is money” and having these subject matter experts (SMEs) spend time developing documentation or training content is not likely the best use of their time. That is often one of the primary drivers for companies contacting InfoPros; offloading work from SMEs becomes a business imperative.

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Managing the Document Review Process

Having your subject matter experts (SMEs) review the content that will form your documentation, online help or training curricula is a critical step to ensure both its accuracy and its completeness. However, it is also one of the more challenging aspects of developing content, as the SMEs have other responsibilities, and reviewing content typically is not at the top of their priority lists. Delays in completing SME reviews is the number one cause of missed project deadlines and can be a reason for a project going over budget.


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Translations Made Simple

If your content requires language translations, InfoPros can manage that process for you. Translation services are available for all types of documentation, including manuals, online help, and eLearning. Supported by our certified translation partner, we work with our clients to address their specific translation needs in regards to volume, turnaround time, template size, and authoring tools. We are able to provide cost-effective solutions through our competitive pricing, high quality production, and fast turnaround times.

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Documentation that Complements Your Product

When you work with InfoPros, your dedicated project team will use our proven edit-and-review process. This will verify that your information is accurate, well-formatted and correctly meets all of your company’s design and branding standards.

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Online Help for A Better Customer Experience

Online help may be relatively simple, focusing on a handful of topics, or quite complex, involving hundreds of topics. The size of your project depends on the complexity of your application or product and your budget. With a full-time staff of experienced writers, graphic designers, and information architects, InfoPros develops online help systems that are comprehensive and intuitive.

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Courseware Development and Training Solutions

Training solutions support your products, software applications, business processes and procedures. You may be launching a new software application or product, or you may need to update existing courseware or training material. InfoPros can tailor a solution for your specific needs. We use our instructional design methodology to create a training solution that engages the targeted audience and meets your business objectives.

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Selecting The Best Training Methods

If you are looking to increase employee knowledge on processes and procedures, for a way to provide consistent training across a multitude of divisions, or for a system that can train a large number of people in a short timeframe, our experts can help you make it happen.

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10 Reasons Why Your Knowledge Base Should Have Single-Topic Articles​

While InfoPros helps clients to make this transition, questions sometimes come up about why it’s not a good idea simply to convert an existing document into a web-based format (HTML), leaving the content and structure of these long documents as is. After all, it requires more effort (and cost) to restructure information into short, single-topic KB articles, and the previous documentation structure worked fine on paper, so it should work fine online, too, right?

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