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The Orbis Technologies Analysis Process

Orbis Technologies Analysis

Define a Clear Path Forward Using Orbis Technologies Consulting Services

Companies frequently come to us for technical advice on how to improve the way they develop, deliver, and maintain their documentation and training. We often hear questions like:

Orbis Technologies has a Consulting Services team of professional solution architects who take a business-minded approach to helping our clients define both strategies and near-term tactics that enable them to meet their technical content and training challenges.

The Orbis Technologies Analysis Approach

Orbis Technologies has the skills and experience to develop an understanding of your business needs and map them to strategic recommendations with specific tactical steps to make cost-effective improvements, so your documentation and training betters supports your business.

  1. Establish the Baseline – Our Consulting Services team works with the key stakeholders at all levels to develop an in-depth understanding of the company’s specific needs and business challenges. We learn about the content, tools, and processes in place, and we analyze the requirements of the users. We take a “big picture” look at how things are working, or not working, in the context of business demands.
  2. Identify the Core Issues – The team will dig deep to identify the root causes of issues preventing the company from achieving their technical documentation and training goals. They draw on their vast experience in many different industries, using a variety of different tools, and applying best practices. Our team uncovers insights that can sometimes be masked by the day-to-day pace of “business as usual.”
  3. Develop Recommendations – No two companies are exactly alike, so we develop a strategy (road map) unique to each client that makes sense for their business—focusing on meaningful content, efficient processes and tools, and controlling unit costs. We recognize that documentation and training are an integral part of the way business is done, so our recommendations consider how these functions interact with other functions (internal and external). We draft timelines, forecast cost savings, and explain benefits that could be achieved beyond cash flow (like improved user satisfaction, reduced cycle times, reduced rework, improved knowledge transfer, and other positive changes that have an impact on operations). We develop a plan for addressing near-term priorities as well as long-term goals.

Partnership that Leads to Success

We believe our consultative approach is the best way for us to develop specific, actionable recommendations that can help our clients to cost-effectively achieve their documentation and training goals. When you work with Orbis Technologies Consulting Services, you can choose to engage Orbis Technologies to implement the recommended plan, or you can choose to handle implementation with your own internal team—that’s up to you.

If you engage Orbis Technologies to implement the plan, we will transition from defining the path forward to actually developing the pieces that will make your documentation and training goals a reality. Our consulting services team will work closely with our operations team of experienced project managers, technical writers, instructional designers, technical illustrators, and media developers throughout implementation. That means, work will kick off without lengthy ramp up time, knowledge will be shared across our high-functioning team structure, and we will take on the burden of driving implementation timelines and managing project costs, so you don’t have to.

The advantage of working with Orbis Technologies is that we become a partner, sharing the expertise we have built through a long history of real industry experience and proven success. Our clients know that Orbis Technologies is fully invested in helping them improve their documentation and training functions, and has the technical expertise to do it while keeping costs under control.

Does your company have more questions than answers? Contact Orbis Technologies today to see how we can help you discover your company’s path forward toward achieving your documentation and training goals.