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Managing the Document Review Process

Managing the Document Review Process

Having your subject matter experts (SMEs) review the content that will form your documentation, Online Help or training curricula is a critical step to ensure both its accuracy and its completeness. However, it is also one of the more challenging aspects of developing content, as the SMEs have other responsibilities, and reviewing content typically is not at the top of their priority lists. Delays in completing SME reviews is the number one cause of missed project deadlines and can be a reason for a project going over budget.

Having managed thousands of projects with any-where from one to scores of SME reviewers, InfoPros has developed processes to make the review cycles as SME-friendly and efficient as possible:

InfoPros SharePoint-based Collaborative Reviews

Case Study: Comcast

InfoPros’ challenge was to accommodate 45 Comcast subject matter experts, representing 15 areas within Comcast, reviewing 60 articles as efficiently as possible due to tight timelines. Using our SharePoint site dedicated to Comcast, we were able to: