Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry


Enhancing Content Reuse for Technical Documents

Manufacturers are under increasing pressure to launch sophisticated new products, while customers are demanding high-quality documentation for multiple platforms in multiple formats and languages. Current systems are falling short because they cannot keep up with the large volumes of documents, platforms, or users, which invites errors. Manufacturers need a solution that will combine systems to create more efficient workflows for managing and publishing content accurately into multiple formats.

Orbis’ CCMS offers numerous customization options to fit your file management needs best. Our software streamlines your content into an all-in-one platform to store, create, manage, and publish content while allowing you to make technical updates at the paragraph or topic level, quickly distributing these changes to all affected documents instantly.

Our Manufacturing Clients

Sample Technical Publications Include:

  • Process Configurations
  • Support Bulletins
  • Interactive Visual Content
  • Service and Support Manuals
  • Machinery Requirements
  • Equipment Technical Documentation
  • Parts Catalog

Streamline your workflows, enhance collaboration, and reduce costs of file management with digital file management at the topic level.

Our software works with out-of-the-box APIs and plugins to integrate into your existing processes easily.

Our CCMS is capable of publishing your content into any file format all from one place! You’ll never have to worry about converting files again. Our integrated XTM translator software supports translation in over 200 languages!

Content Management Software (CMS)- RSuite Standard
RSuite Standard

Our Recommendation

Leaders in the manufacturing industry utilize RSuite Standard for its out-of-the-box and scalability benefits. RSuite Standard can be modified to fit your company’s specific needs and adapt to changing markets. Whether your organization publishes technical documents, training manuals, catalogs, or books, RSuite Standard will transform your workflows for optimal content reuse and multi-channel publishing.

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