Mastering the Art of Digital Cookbooks
Mastering the Art of Digital Cookbooks

Mastering the Art of Digital Cookbooks

Digital editions of cookbooks have been on the slow cooker for some time now. But with the release of Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child and published by Alfred A. Knopf, digital cookbooks are gathering steam. Judith Jones*, retired senior editor and vice president at Knopf and the person responsible for bringing the book into our homes, insisted the digital publication wait until the technology could properly display the beauty of Julia’s writing and recipes.

Well, that time is today. Knopf released the digital edition of this classic tome on October 5. Because no electronic files of the book were available, production staff had the book re-keyed and images scanned.

With the impending release of Amazon’s Fire in November and the impressive metrics stewing for digital cookbooks, the time is ripe for cookbook publishers to go digital.

Check out our latest whitepaper “Best Practices for a Long-Term Digital Publishing Strategy” so you too can get cooking.


*Judith Jones also saved The Diary of Anne Frank from the reject pile. And for that too, I thank you Ms. Jones.

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