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Our Subsidiaries

Orbis subsidiaries provide industry-leading CMS products and services to a global client portfolio. Together, the Orbis collection of companies administer comprehensive solutions to our clients and provide the capability to deliver unparalleled support to any client, anywhere around the world.

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RSI Content Solutions India provides highly configurable dynamic publishing platforms for managing and optimizing modern end-to-end publishing processes. These robust Content Management Systems can deliver complete in-house control over organizations' business content production. RSI also offers Software development services as well as technical consulting services to implement content management systems and workflows. Website


Turn-Key Systems Pty Ltd (based in Sydney, Australia) has been developing software for the publishing industry for more than 20 years. TopLeaf is the distinguished result.

TopLeaf is a professional DITA and XML publishing system designed to be used by authors and technical writers. It combines a powerful rendering engine with a stylesheet development toolkit that allows complex document styles to be set up quickly. It requires little or no programming skill and offers maximum power and flexibility for minimum cost. Website