Powered By Orbis

Powered by Orbis means powered by you.

Every day at Orbis we challenge our people to engineer mission-critical applications to maximize the value of enterprise content for our clients. When you join our team you become a part of what powers Orbis.

Orbis Culture

The culture at Orbis is a culture of harnessing our power to work together for client results. We get the job done.

RESPECT & APPRECIATE. We live our respect for each other and our clients by understanding we all have choices. Our team is the difference maker in our technology. We chose to be here.
INNOVATION. At Orbis innovation means we acknowledge and grow from our mistakes. We dare to take risks, learn from failure, and invent the future. It’s how we move forward to get the job done.
PURPOSE. We challenge our team to find new and exciting ways to become better and make a difference. We act with integrity and make the hard decision when it’s the right decision. Education, mentorship, enrichment through shared ideas—you will find it here at Orbis. 
CONFIDENCE. Our confidence is trust. We break down barriers through trust and collaboration with our colleagues and our customers to deliver exceptional results.
RESPONSIBLE FLEXIBILITY. At Orbis we practice the philosophy of work-life synthesis. We encourage our team to live well, work hard, and we never take advantage of the gift of flexibility.

Global multiculturalism, Powered by Orbis

With global offices in India and Australia, the Orbis team speaks more than 24 languages. We value diversity inside and out. This rich diversity of opinions and experiences drives Orbis innovation forward. We are a global company serving a global demand for our products.

Our team gets the job done.

Join our elite team of subject-matter experts to build the next generation of digital content platforms. You’ll be taking important steps to build your future.

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