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Putting Documentation on the Web – Easily

Orbis | August 27, 2019

Customers and employees want easy access to information via the web, using their PC/tablet/ smartphone. They don’t want large PDFs emailed to them, or worse yet, printed. Above all, they want to know the documentation is up-to-date.

However, moving from static PDF-based documentation to the web can present several challenges:

  • Web-enabling the content
  • Developing a web framework for the content
  • Where and how to host the content
  • For most companies, this would be a major undertaking and not be accomplished quickly or easily.

InfoPros has developed several methodologies that allow us to quickly develop and deploy a web-based platform that will host a company’s documentation.

One frequently used approach that InfoPros employs is to develop a standalone website for product documentation that mimics the look-and-feel of the corporate website. By adding links to and from the corporate website, it appears as one integrated website. Other benefits of this approach include:

  • A standalone website minimizes the involvement of the Corporate IT and Marketing groups, as the only change to the corporate website is the addition of hyperlinks.
  • The new website can be quickly developed and deployed, sometimes within 30 days.
  • The website can support a wide variety of content types; product and software collateral, process documentation, FAQs, eLearning, graphics, and digital photos.
  • Multiple versions of the website can be easily developed and maintained if different audiences require different content (e.g., customers vs. support personnel, end users vs. developers).

When you partner with InfoPros, you benefit from the knowledge, experience, and resources InfoPros has gained from successfully supporting the diverse needs of our clients. Contact InfoPros today, and learn more about how InfoPros can deliver documentation websites for your company’s documentation.