Redaction and Exploitation Releasability Tool

Innovative Commercial off-the-shelf software that expands the capabilities of the warfighter, while facilitating automated cooperation between allies.

REnDER’s innovative approach can increase a military intelligence team’s productivity by up to 95%. This is possible because REnDER’s enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) component can be rapidly configured for unique missions without software changes. Other REnDER features:

  • Fully automates the Intelligence Work Product generation process, while applying customer specific templates to the redacted Work Product
  • Automatically generates and redacts FMV Intelligence Work Products using Full Motion Video (FMV) processing
  • Automates the redaction of images to support the simultaneous distribution of GeoINT products to Coalition partners
  • Allows user based access to each of the five main actors of the GeoINT Execution Workflow, to include FDO, FDR, GA, GRE, and DDOC

  • Orchestrates process of image production so that it is routed to the approving authority automatically
  • Enables adding, changing or modifying business processes and end-user workflows without writing a single line of code
  • Reduces the redaction time significantly while enhancing the creation process for releasability rules


Intelligence Work Product and NITF Redaction


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Geospatial Analyst selecting imagery product(s) for automatic redaction


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Analyst tool integration

REnDER is integrated with the leading analyst tool suites for image exploitation

Custom implementation

The software allows for custom implementations that are rapidly tailored to each organization

Minimal programming

Minimal custom programming needed to integrate legacy applications and infrastructure

Low cost training

Onsite classroom and online webinar training available depending on your needs

Ease of use

Built using an industry standard BPM tool, REnDER abstracts the orchestration of a process from the underlying data and the end-use application


Support for multiple DCGS user roles (Mission Commander, Geospatial Analyst, etc.)