Automated Redaction Technology

Protecting Mission-Critical Content

Many organizations need to release documents and multimedia artifacts containing confidential or other sensitive information. In such cases, this information may be obscured through a process referred to as redaction.
REnDER provides the capability for users to move away from manual redaction and allows electronic data and metadata to be redacted automatically. Users create pre-defined rules and/or templates that govern the redaction of the electronic data and metadata.


  • Automatically generate finished, redacted secondary work products based on dynamic rule sets, using client defined templates.
  • Client redaction and approval workflows are automated and configured to implement business rules to monitor the process.
  • Open APIs to integrate with 3rd-party applications.
  • Validation and verification steps to confirm the redaction of critical information.
  • User guided redaction interface for creating redaction templates.
  • Provides an enormous productivity improvement over manual redaction – up to a 95% reduction in the time to remove unauthorized content.

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