RSuite CMS Developer License Now Available to the MarkLogic Community
RSuite CMS Developer License Now Available to the MarkLogic Community

RSuite CMS Developer License Now Available to the MarkLogic Community

RSuite-Publishing-Automated-Logo.gifAudubon, Pa. – May 10, 2016 RSI Content Solutions announced today at MarkLogic World 2016 the availability of an RSuite Developer License.  RSI kicked off 2016 by releasing RSuite 5, the latest version of its highly configurable, multi-channel, automated publishing content management solution. Due to many requests after the RSuite 5 release, RSI is now officially offering a full, no-cost version of RSuite Developer License to the MarkLogic community.

RSI is also launching a completely revamped and enhanced online user community. The new community will provide a much more user-friendly interface and delivers easier access to support, documentation, user forums, product videos, and downloads.

“The past few months have been an exciting time for us with the release of the RSuite Developer License,” stated Lisa Bos, Chief Technology Officer at RSI Content Solutions. “Now that we’re offering it alongside our new RSuite user community, it will allow us to expand our user base with ease and allow a seamless transition for our customers to use RSuite on a daily basis while increasing their production workflow and decreasing their product time to market.”

To download and register for the RSuite Developer License, as well as access documentation and other training materials, please visit the RSuite CMS Community.

About RSuite

RSuite has been built to serve as the centralized enterprise publishing solution for organizations who wish to automate their publishing processes and reduce time to market by over 50%. RSuite is optimized for the creation, management, repurposing and multi-format, multi-channel delivery of content by utilizing an enterprise‐strength native XML repository which stores and indexes XML content in its natural hierarchical format.  In addition to its strong XML capabilities, RSuite manages any and all forms of digital assets (MS Word, PDF, images, audio, video, etc.) and all of its associated metadata. 

RSuite’s powerful and highly-configurable workflow engine allows customers to implement multiple workflows that incorporate both manual and automated tasks, such as transformations, packaging, delivery, and more.  Customers are implementing RSuite to manage the end-to-end publishing process, from content creation through multi-channel, multi-format deliveries.  For more information, please visit

About RSI Content Solutions

For over 16 years, RSI Content Solutions has been at the forefront of implementing content agility solutions for publishers, media companies, Fortune 1000 businesses, government organizations, and more.  With headquarters outside Philadelphia, PA, USA, a MarkLogic engineering center of excellence in Chennai, India, and affiliate offices around the world, RSI has helped over 250 global organizations implement appropriate content agility solutions. For more information, please visit

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