RSuite Standard

Publishing Software

Out-of-the-Box Component Content Management

RSuite Standard clients range from book publishers to manufacturers. They use RSuite Standard's out-of-the-box publishing system for authoring, editorial review and approval, content transformation, and rendering in multiple output formats.

By selecting RSuite Standard, you can leverage investments by other market leading organizations and join a select group of clients responsible for shaping the future of the RSuite Standard product.

  • Implement in days instead of weeks or months.
  • Includes a fully integrated, user-friendly Web-based editing environment.
  • Automates workflows to streamline the flow of information through your product life cycle.
  • Includes the TopLeaf composition tool for automated single-source publishing to produce typeset-quality outputs instantly from a single-source document.
  • Renders output to PDF, PDF/A, EPUB, and HTML.
  • Fully integrates with the industry-leading XTM translator technology and memory translation to support translation in over 200 languages.
  • Optimizes DITA XML components and a visual “bookmap” tool to create documents from a collection of DITA components.
  • Uses open-source Alfresco enterprise content management platform for content management and versioning.


Easy Implementation

Out-of-the-Box Document Templates
Out-of-the-Box Publishing Stylesheets
Out-of-the-Box Process Workflows
Intuitive User Interface


Create Once - Publish Anywhere
Automated Typeset-Quality Print Outputs: PDF, EPUB, HTML, RTF, InDesign
Automated Workflows and Content Creation


SaaS Software
Automatic Software Updates
Automated Back-up
Automated Disaster Recovery


Supports DITA and S1000D Publishing
BPMN Workflows
Alfresco CMS


LDAP Integration
Role-Based Access
Regulatory Compliant Practices
Secure Password Administration

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