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Selecting the Best Training Method(s)

Selecting the Best Training Method(s)

If you are looking to increase employee knowledge on processes and procedures, for a way to provide consistent training across a multitude of divisions, or for a system that can train a large number of people in a short timeframe, our experts can help you make it happen.

Organizations have differing training goals, and can benefit from a variety of customized training methods. By assessing your requirements and business objectives, InfoPros can help you determine the best training methods for your audience and your budget.

Instructor-Led Training

Led by a live facilitator in a face-to-face environment, instructor-led training (ILT) is the most directly engaging training method. ILT typically includes classroom presentation and group discussion of course subjects and hands-on practice and/or activities with the equipment or processes being taught. The instructor guides the progression of topics, answers questions, provides feedback to students, and demonstrates manual tasks. ILT is best for complex or technical subjects and skills.

Distance Learning

In distance learning, trainees and facilitators in different locations connect over the internet in live sessions. It combines the personal interaction of instructor-led training with some of the convenience of e-Learning, making it a good option for employees in multiple locations.


eLearning provides on-demand, interactive training to any location with internet access. With proper planning and an engaging design, it can be as effective as classroom training. eLearning is a good option for employees in multiple locations, training that employees may need to reference later, and content that doesn’t change often.

Self-Paced Training Completed individually by each learner without a live instructor, self-paced training can be completed whenever it is needed, by either a single student or multiple students who interact according to their own schedules. Self-paced training can include digital and/or printed materials that can be retained by the trainee for reference. Milestones, review questions, and exercises can reinforce understanding, and assessments ascertain content mastery.

Structured On-the-Job Training By implementing structured on-the-job training (OJT) with training guides, job aids, assessments, and other materials, you can achieve consistent results and well-trained employees. OJT is effective especially for companies that need to ramp up new team members quickly and who have strong trainers to demonstrate various tasks. Because OJT gives learners an opportunity to observe their trainers in the setting in which they will implement the new skills, in many cases it is the most efficient and effective training method.

When you partner with InfoPros, you benefit from the knowledge, experience, and resources InfoPros has gained from successfully supporting the diverse training needs of companies like Cisco, TransUnion, Tesco, and Seneca Foods. Implementing an effective training program can enhance your company’s efficiencies, and communicate best practices consistently across your entire organization.