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What is a Component Content Management System?

A Component Content Management System (CCMS) is a platform that allows content management at a component level. A component can be any piece of the final deliverable puzzle — a single word, a series of paragraphs, an image, a video, etc. A CCMS tracks links, versions, and metadata associated with each component, giving you granular control of your content. With the power of an efficient CCMS you can:

  • Reuse content instead of re-writing or copying and pasting
  • Manage content as individual paragraphs and words instead of pages or documents
  • Support single-sourced versioning, so there is one governing content source
  • Translate and track updates to translated content
  • Access multi-channel publishing into any output format or system
  • …and much more!

A CCMS vastly differs from a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS tracks content as deliverables, such as documents, pages, or posts, and formatting is applied while the document is being created. Within a CCMS, content is managed as pieces of documents or other media that can be used to assemble any number of deliverables.

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