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Revolutionary Mission Planning and Link Analysis for the 21st Century Warfighter

The Orbis AARDVARK commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution is a collection of automated data fusion applications that provides analytical, situational awareness, and intelligence production capabilties. AARDVARK contains multiple web-based applications and analytics integrated together capable of operating in D/DIL environments. The AARDVARK solution is highly scalable and works on large enterprise clusters down to a single laptop.

Solution Highlights

The AARDVARK commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution was built using a modular, open standards approach in which each component can be swapped in or out based on the needs of the users or existing customer technology investments. Product applications include:

  • Advanced Analytics is a machinelearning-based natural language processing (NLP) technology used to identify and extract named entities and hidden semantic relationships. Advanced Analytics autogenerates entity graphs that can be exported to Link Analysis tools.
  • DataARCH® is a semantic mediation application designed to rapidly integrate disparate data sources and mediate data models and ontologies. DataARCH® comes with a plug-in that enables users to perform lifecycleontology management.
  • An internal Link Analysis application enables users to create, build, store, and share social network graphs. All work products are published and can be searched at the object level.
  • Geospatial Analysis is a map application that allows a user to perform searches as well as visualize object and document data about specific locations. Also, it allows for creation, import, and export of geospatial overlays and presentations.
  • Mission Planning capabilities use game theory to simulate scenario and predict enemy location, actions and mission outcome.
  • Plug-in for Mission Command integration.
  • Report Generation tool containing over 200 report templates and allows users to design additional custom report templates directly in the web-based interface.
  • Charts and Graphs application generates charts, graphs, and dashboards of data selected by users.
  • Search and Discovery application allows users to build complex searches across all documents and objects within the database including performing relationship based searches and within-document entity visualization.



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Enterprise features

The AARDVARK solution makes use of the MarkLogic enterprise NoSQL platform to provide storage, indexing, and application services. The AARDVARK solution using MarkLogic provides the following enterprise features:

  • High-Availability/Disaster Recovery for all applications and data in the solution.
  • Automatic data replication across the entire enterprise.
  • Flexible replication so that users can take their important mission data with them into a disconnected, intermittent, latent (DIL) environment. Likewise, all applications are available to DIL users.
  • Role-based and attribute-level access control across all applications and data in the enterprise.
  • Open standard Application Programming Interfaces (APls) include Javascript applications using Node.js, EmberJS, XQuery, XSLT, Java and .NET client libraries, REST web service interface, WebDAV wire protocol, SOAP, SPARQL and SQL.