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Technical Illustration

Orbis Technologies creates technical illustrations and line art/line drawings that are used in documentation, courseware, and reference materials to enhance clarity and improve comprehension.

We create technical illustrations and line art/line drawings from scratch or from existing source files to help guide the end-user through tasks with step-by-step instructions about how to create things, how to get things done, or how to troubleshoot problems. A strategic visual design approach that includes high-quality technical illustrations and line art/line drawings can be used to improve comprehension for a global audience of both internal and external users.

A simple example, a photo, or even a verbal description is all we need to get started creating illustrations that add value to your technical documentation. We routinely use illustrations to show users parts of a system, clarify components with callouts and labels, demonstrate assembly with diagrams, communicate safety considerations with icons and color, and include branding or trademark labeling.

Our talented illustrators will work with your engineers, marketing personnel, and other stakeholders to make sure the right details appear in the images, using powerful tools that ease content maintenance and portability.

For more specificity, Orbis will extract precise information from your 3D-model AutoCAD, SolidWorks, or Pro-E engineering drawings to create high-quality illustrations that convey critical information, such as dimensions, tolerances, flow, pressure, and other technical specifications. We add cutaways, multiple perspectives, and enlarged views to ensure your audiences see exactly what they need to see to complete tasks with proper sequencing and safety in mind.

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