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As a leader in our industry, we strive to provide information on the ever-changing best practices, tools, and trends in the technical content industry. Whether you need information related to an innovative content solution or simply are learning more about technical documentation, courseware development, training, or online help, the White Papers provided below will help.

Outsourcing Solution Overview

Orbis Technologies manages the quality of the work it produces by consistently following its proven processes. We employ a process that actively engages Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) at appropriate times for reviews and sign-offs. All project sponsors are required to review materials for technical accuracy and to follow the approval process before Orbis Technologies finalizes materials for publication.

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Documentation Outsourcing - 10 Tips

High‐quality product documentation relies on the participation of the subject matter experts. They must actively participate with the technical documentation services vendor in the collection, review, and approval of technical details.

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Understanding the Analysis Process

Orbis Technologies uses its Consulting Services group to work with a company to develop an in-depth understanding of the company’s needs and pain points. Then we analyze the tools and processes currently being used to develop and maintain the required documentation. This allows us to then develop recommendations which, working with company management, are then used to develop a comprehensive Recommendations Report, essentially a blueprint of how to go forward and affect the required changes.

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Project Management – 10 Tips

Make sure everyone understands what you are NOT going to do. Monitor constantly for scope creep. Ask your team to keep you informed if the scope of the project changes. Be prepared to defend requests for more resources and schedule changes to adjust to scope changes.

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Orbis Technologies Training Development Model

The most effective approach will be the one that balances the business requirements with the needs of the intended audience and delivery of the required concepts and information. The initial focus in developing a training solution is to ensure that we thoroughly understand our client’s goals, challenges, and requirements to assure that the training or courseware being developed aligns with the business needs and objectives.

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Selecting the Right Training Method

Training is a great way to educate employees, customers, and partners about your company’s products or processes. The subject matter, the training environment, and the learning styles of your target audience must all be taken into consideration, along with other resources and constraints, such as budget and availability of live trainers.

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What Makes Great Product Documentation?

Your customers don’t really want to read your documentation, but, unless you offer an extremely simple product, sooner or later, your customers are going to seek out your documentation. When they do, you’ll want them to have the best experience possible. That’s why your product documentation matters.

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Why Online Help?

Online help systems are integrated into most software-based products, services, and applications. What exactly is online help, what are the different flavors, and what is involved in deploying online help?

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