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Why Orbis?

Why Choose Orbis Technologies As Your Content Partner?

The Orbis Advantage

You can find companies that will help you write content, others that will create training courseware, and still others that will sell you software for managing or publishing all of that content or provide you translation services. You can manage the vendor vetting and onboarding process yourself, or you can engage Orbis as your managed content services partner; we are unique in our ability to address all of your content needs.

When you engage Orbis as your content partner, we will take the time to listen and develop an in-depth understanding of your immediate needs and longer-term challenges. Then, leveraging the capabilities that make us unique, we will provide a solution designed to achieve your business goals.

What makes Orbis unique?

  • We are experts in developing the full spectrum of content—from technical documentation to training materials and 3D animation—that market-leading companies require to compete on a global scale.
  • Only Orbis has the ability to analyze, create, manage, organize, synchronize, translate, secure, and publish all of your organization’s content.
  • Our world-class component content management system (CCMS) platform, which incorporates patented semantic search technology, makes finding, updating, synchronizing, and publishing content fast, accurate, automated, and easy.
  • We are a global company, serving organizations of all sizes, including many of the largest brands in the world.
  • Serving many of the largest organizations worldwide, including the U.S. Department of Defense, security is central to all that we do.

Trust Built Through Performance

We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients by delivering on the commitments we make — staying within budgets, hitting delivery dates, and providing high-quality content. Key to this is your Orbis project team, led by an Orbis project manager, whose goal is to make the entire process easy for you.

Your Orbis project team also will find ways to drive efficiencies in how your content is being created, managed, and published. They will look for process improvements that can lower costs or identify opportunities for refining how information is being delivered, such as using cost-effective videos to replace large amounts of textual information.

Other examples of process improvement considerations: should we align content development with your Agile-based software development process so that the software and the documentation are always in alignment, or should we employ a better way of managing your growing body of content by employing a component content management system (CCMS)? This is the value you can expect from your Orbis project team.

Cost Tracking

Orbis is uniquely focused on reducing your unit costs.

In the manufacturing world, unit costs are often the key to profitability. At Orbis, we take the same approach with content; what is the cost to produce one page of product documentation, one minute of eLearning, or one SOP update? Having worked with hundreds of companies, we have established benchmarks for creating and updating all types of content.

This is why our project managers track the costs of the work we do (e.g., cost per page of new content, cost per minute of eLearning). As we learn more about your business, and leveraging the benchmarks we have established, we will make recommendations that often allow us to reduce unit costs by 10-25% within the first year.

Let us turn your content challenges into a competitive advantage.

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