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InfoPros Subject Matter Experts

Working with Your Subject Matter Experts

Working With Your Subject Matter Experts

InfoPros understands the importance of keeping your engineers and senior operations personnel focused on their core competencies. In the immortal words of Ben Franklin, “time is money” and having these subject matter experts (SMEs) spend time developing documentation or training content is not likely the best use of their time. That is often one of the primary drivers for companies contacting InfoPros; offloading SMEs becomes a business imperative.

What is required of your SMEs?

SMEs have two basic responsibilities: providing information that will comprise the content of a project and reviewing the content InfoPros creates or updates.

Providing information: Whether source material is available or not, InfoPros has a process for reducing the impact on SMEs during our information-gathering process. We familiarize ourselves with the industry, product and content required for the users, identify areas that require clarification and where there are information gaps, and then consolidate our questions before meeting with SMEs. This keeps our scheduled interactions with them as short and productive as possible.

Reviewing content. This is the more critical and time-consuming of the SME tasks because SMEs need to validate the accuracy of the content by reviewing it in its entirety. To make this as efficient as possible, InfoPros has developed processes considerate of your SMEs’ needs.

The InfoPros Project Team

Because InfoPros focuses exclusively on developing content for our Clients’ products, software and processes, our people have experience working with a wide variety of technical SMEs. In addition, the InfoPros project manager (PM) selects your team members, knowing what skills and industry experience your project requires.

Our proven process ensures that we flexibly and efficiently: